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    • November 11, 2020
    • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM (CST)
    • Virtual Zoom Meeting
    • 245

    Activate Your Inner Wonder Woman (No Cape Required)

    Of course you’d like a golden lasso or a magic bracelet, but guess what? You don’t need ‘em. You already have superpowers, and they’re just waiting to be activated.

    Are you ready to grow professionally? Are you ready to conquer fears and overcome challenges? Are you ready to find balance between your personal and professional lives? Are you ready to lead and mentor with strength and smarts?

    Yes. You. Are.

    In this heartfelt, high-energy message, you’ll explore how you can activate your inner superpowers to become more confident and resilient. More connected and positive. You’ll debunk the illusion of perfection and celebrate the collective power of the women in your circle of influence. You’ll leave with purpose and passion—ready to live your fullest, most productive life. No cape required.

    Real-life Wonder Woman Kelly Radi will share powerful, relatable messages focused on personal accountability, healthy communication and nurturing relationships. You’ll leave refreshed and confident, armed with new perspectives and practical, action-based take-aways.

    Join us virtually on Wednesday, November 11, and activate your inner Wonder Woman!


    Kelly Radi is a real-life Wonder Woman!

    She delivers high-energy, heartfelt keynote presentations that empower and inspire. Her powerful, relatable messages focus on personal accountability, healthy communication and nurturing relationships. Audiences leave refreshed and confident, armed with new perspectives and practical, action-based take-aways.

    Kelly leverages 20+ years of diverse career experiences as an award-winning author, corporate spokesperson, PR executive, at-home mom, and entrepreneur to equip and empower her audiences to find—and use—their unique inner superpowers.

    Attendees describe her as authentic, relatable, and a masterful storyteller. Meeting planners appreciate her positive energy and can-do attitude. Organizations like Delta Air Lines, Leading AgeMN, Women in Trucking, and Big Brothers Big Sisters hire Kelly because she customizes content and implements strategies that help employees avoid distractions, prioritize relationships and achieve objectives.

    Kelly intertwines real stories, super hero history, and relevant takeaways. She connects, validates and inspires you to create a life of significance—both personally and professionally. After all, super heroes don’t just sit there. They take action!

    She is a member of the National Speakers Association and earned the 2018 NSA Minnesota Academy Award. In addition, Kelly is the award-winning author of two books. Out To Sea: A Parents’ Survival Guide to the Freshman Voyage is the go-to resource for parents as they navigate the high school-to-college transition, and Wonder-Full: Activate Your Inner Superpowers (No Cape Required), a motivating “thoughtbook” for women of all ages.

    Learn more about Kelly at raditowrite.com.

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