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Meet Sarah Noble

July 18, 2019 8:09 AM | Deleted user


Sarah Noble 

Associate Advisor

AIS Planning

FEW Member since October 2018

Hometown: Morris, MN

Family: Husband: Andy, Children: Alexandra (13), Katelyn (11), William (9)

What do you actually do at work?

I get to build amazing relationships and help people align their life goals with their financial plans! At AIS Planning we help guide our clients by offering objective advice--not tied to any financial company or product-- and we do this by getting to know them deeply and intentionally with thoughtful questions and careful listening. Our motto is: Plan your tomorrow, enjoy your today!

Are you a task-oriented person or a people-oriented person?

People, people, people! I love meeting new people and thrive in environments where connecting is key!

Do you work in the field you were educated in?

No! I never thought I would be in the world of financial planning--in a MILLION years. Ha! Life has a way of helping you get to exactly where you need to be. Through a series of events, I was led to this industry and about a year ago--into the world of planning with clients. I absolutely love helping people and teaching women in particular, that financial planning isn’t “just for the boys”. Learning how to manage your money and be in control of your future gives you freedom, confidence and CHOICES! Who doesn’t love those!?

What one word would friends say best describes you?


When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A teacher! I would force my younger brother and his friends to sit at little desks while I corrected their papers and assigned them homework. Ha! I loved using my creative skills to come up with fun lesson plans and having an organized ‘classroom’ was a thrill at age 10. They still remind me of this and when they do I remind them they have overdue assignments!

What is your favorite (clean) joke?

What is a pirate’s favorite letter?

Answer: You think it’d be “RRR”, but ‘tis the “C” they love! 

Sorry--my 9-year old son gives me the best clean jokes--I had to share!

What would other FEW members be surprised to learn about you?

People are usually most surprised to learn that I was a hockey player! I grew up in a ‘hockey family’, and have been skating ever since I can remember! I played organized girls hockey from the age of 12 all throughout high school for the good ‘ol Morris Tigers. I’m a left-winger with a mean wrist shot! SHE SHOOTS-SHE SCORES!

What is your personal or business philosophy?

Always act with integrity--doing the right thing is never wrong--and the seeds you plant today will bring forth a harvest in due time.

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