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Meet Nina Lasceski, OSB

October 07, 2018 12:00 AM | FEW Admin (Administrator)

Name: Nina Lasceski, OSB

Associate and Planned Gift Specialist,
Office of Mission Advancement,
Saint Benedict's Monastery

Member since 2016

What was your first job (ever)?

As a teenager, I did babysit for various families in the town where I grew up. My first retail job was in a very small book store in the city next to the town I lived in. The owner usually ran the store herself and needed someone to work for her so that she would not have to be present day in and day out. After being trained, there were certain afternoons when I indeed did work in the store alone as cashier. Since the store was so small, I learned many tasks concerning books like how to order them from the publishers (before the Internet!), how to stock shelves, and how to do inventory. 
I got to create and set up fun window displays as well.

How do you help others succeed?

As much as I can, I try to look life and situations with a glass half full instead of empty attitude. I do my best to help others see how this can help them too. Another area I emphasize is the importance of having patience, both in yourself and in others.

Who was your favorite teacher and what did they teach you?

Oh, this one is a hard one, because I had so many. In elementary school, I enjoyed Mrs. McConnell, as she read each of the Little House on the Prairie books to her classes every year, including mine. I grew up in Michigan, and who would have guessed many years later, I would live in the state highlighted in those books. In high school, my favorite was my speech teacher, Mrs. Strachan. She always encouraged me and enriched my love of public speaking.

Do you work in the field in which you were educated?

Well, sort of. I have a Bachelor of Applied Arts in Broadcast and Cinematic Arts. One of the duties for my job is writing radio advertisements for our monastery. When we need a video produced, I help with that too. I had two minors in college, one being Business Law and Regulation. This knowledge is helpful in my planned giving role. Before coming to the monastery, I worked ten years in the broadcasting field and then ten years in the call center customer service profession.

Biggest indulgence?


What do you do for fun?

Sing. I first began to sing in my church choir in the sixth grade and I have been singing ever since.  Currently, I sing in the monastery schola and in the Great River Chorale in Saint Cloud.

What one word would friends say best describes you?

Well, can I say two? Detail oriented.

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