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Meet Julie Schomer

February 08, 2023 11:17 PM | Trina Dietz (Administrator)

Name? Julie Schomer

Organization/Title? A Home for the Day/ Director

Length of time as a FEW Member? March 2022

Hometown? St. Cloud

Family? Husband Daryl and son Camden

What do you actually do at work? Many hats in a small organization - operations, marketing, payroll/bookkeeping, compliance, and of course interact with our members and make sure they have fun.

What was your first job? Mixing paint at Mills Fleet Farm.

What is your biggest accomplishment? It was God given but getting pregnant after a difficult infertility journey.

Last book read? Four thousand Weeks

What do you do for fun? Golf, camping, biking

Who is your hero? My mom. She is a rock.

What is your biggest pet peeve? When people repeatedly interrupt me.

Do you have any silly fears? Mice- dead or alive.

What is your favorite way to waste time? Real housewives shows.

What is something you're obsessed with? Budgeting

What would other FEW members be surprised to learn about you? I had a motorcycle in high school and through college.

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