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Meet Rachel Lolmasteymaugh!

August 01, 2021 7:12 AM | Amanda Hackett


Name: Rachel Lolmasteymaugh

Organization/Title: Sales Associate at FaceTime Business Resources

Length of time as a FEW Member: 1 year

Hometown: St. Cloud, Minn.

Family: Ken (Doc) husband of 20 years, Warner (15), Eve (13), and Anna Rose (11) 

What do you actually do at work? I help businesses, organizations, marketing professionals and marketing teams communicate their messages through physical pieces of marketing and design in an effective and consistent manner congruent to their brand. That includes commercial printing, promotional products and materials, apparel, signage and design services. 

What is your biggest accomplishment? After going over my professional accomplishments, I realized it is my personal ones that are my greatest. I have a beautiful family that is happy and healthy. I have been happily married to my husband for 20 years and we have 3 wonderful, kind, caring, smart, well-adjusted children. That is not easy these days, and I feel as if my hard work and sacrifice have paid off. Having a good family is an accomplishment we don’t often celebrate, but we should! 

Is your desk/office messy or organized? My desk is my computer which is semi-organized. I could probably clean up my desktop a little though. I work from home, at the office, in my car, at the coffee shop or anywhere that has wifi. I do have to clean out my computer bag often so that stays organized.

​​Favorite vacation spot? One I haven’t been to yet. I love traveling! I am headed to Nashville with friends this fall, Playa del Carmen over MEA with the family, and New Orleans with my girlfriends this winter. 

If you could eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? Every morning my husband makes me the most amazing eggs. Sometimes on toast or avocado toast, sometimes he will add steamed mushrooms or tomatoes. Doc is very creative and nobody can make his specialty eggs like he can. Delicious! I am so spoiled!

What do you do for fun? I love the people I have surrounded myself with and there is no end to the fun we have together. Spending time with my tribe both calms me and invigorates me. From live music to good food, events and celebrations, there is never a lack of something to do and wonderful people to do it with. 

​​What did you want to be when you were a kid? I was going to be a pilot that lived in New York City with my daughter. I didn’t quite make it as a pilot and I would never live in a big city now, but I was blessed with my daughters. The important parts of my childhood dreams came true.

What is something you're obsessed with? I love to play games, especially cribbage. I am in a league with another FEW member and we have a blast playing together. I often set up mini tournaments at my house for our cribbage-playing friends. Even my birthday cake was cribbage-themed this year. 

What would other FEW members be surprised to learn about you? Before going into sales, I used to be a teacher and own my own preschool and daycare. I love children!

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